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Donald McRae
1949- 2018.
Le Ber Rink
Photo: GWMcRae
After months of meetings and workshops the project is now at a stage where we can share our progress and excitement with you the Irish Community and all those interested in this important initiative.

There will be a formal presentation followed by a question period. We look forward to seeing everyone there.
When: Thursday, January 17, 2019 @7:00
Where: St. Gabriel’s Church Hall 2157 Centre Street Montreal, Quebec 
Thank you.

Irish Committee:
Dr. Michael Kenneally – Honorary Chair
Lynn Doyle
Fergus Keyes
Victor Boyle
Paul Loftus
Scott Phelan
Thank you.
Black Rock Memorial Community Update

The Point.Ca and Yours Truly ( George McRae )​ Was Honored By the City of Montreal ( Sud-Quest District ) Monday Evening in St. Henri, By the Signing of the CofM  Golden Book of Signatures. 
A Night I shall Always Remember with Appreciation.
LtoR:  CRAIG SAUVE., Geo. McRae
Photo and Video Clips: Tracey McCunn